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Nuto Farms - Celebrating Over 80 Years

In the year 1929 Barron West planted his first crop of Russet Burbank potatoes in the fertile northern Wisconsin soil. The location was no accident. The mild daytime temperatures and cool nights produce a quality potato that is high in dry matter and low in water content. A potato that really does store well and taste great.

his modest hard-working farmer could have little imagined his first five-acre plot would someday become a 5,000-acre, state-of-the-art, fully irrigated farm that maintains a "hands-on" approach from seed to store shelf.

Today, under the direction of his son Donn, and Donn's two sons Brian and Dennis, the West family has continued the traditions set down by Barron in those early years. His hard work and attention to detail, while always keeping an eye and ear open to the latest advances within the industry, are the building blocks of Nuto Farms, grower of Kitchen Kleen Potatoes. Donn oversees the total operation, Brian focuses on planting, growing, and harvesting; while Dennis concentrates on storage, packaging and communications.

Today's Machine Technology for Potato FarmingBrian West has traveled the world in search of the latest in agricultural technology. While his search for "high-tech" advances has yielded great results, it has also led the way back to Environmental growing methods that stress natural controls rather than a reliance on chemicals and fertilizers. This "green" agriculture was practiced and perfected by Nuto Farms long before it became politically correct. It's not only good for the environment, it's good for business. This attention to detail guarantees a consistent crop - long a West family and Nuto trade mark. It has also earned Kitchen KleenOld-Time Potato Harvester Potatoes the certification of "Environmentally Grown" by the Midwest Food Alliance.

September brings cool evenings and a beautiful array of Autumn colors in Northern Wisconsin. As this season arrives, Brian determines when the potatoes are ready for harvest. When ready, Nuto's experienced staff harvests the crop with utmost care and state-of-the-art equipment. The key is to eliminate bruising once the potato leaves the ground. All loads are covered with tarps when necessary to protect the freshly dug potatoes from adverse weather conditions on their way to the warehouse.

Back at the warehouse, potatoes are gently unloaded into the storage bin where they will be kept at optimum temperature and humidity throughout the winter.

Dennis, like his brother Brian, is continuously researching new methods and technologies to help ensure Kitchen Kleen Potatoes are consistent in quality and taste. Dennis focuses his efforts on storage and packaging. He takes great pride in Kitchen Kleen Potatoes in the Boxassuring Kitchen Kleen Potatoes never drop more than a few inches from soil to store -- an unbruised potato is an appealing potato, and good appearance along with great taste are what consumers want. In
addition, Dennis works closely with fresh produce managers and consumers providing useful information on the wonderfully versatile Kitchen Kleen Potato.

During packaging and just before shipment, all potatoes are thoroughly inspected to insure that Kitchen Kleen Potatoes surpass the quality and grade standards that have been set by state and federal agencies.

We can only look back in amazement at what has grown out of Barron West's five-acre dream. From a 5-acre plot of land meant to feed a family, it has grown into a business that feeds cities. From Barron's first wagon full of spuds, it has grown into an industry that has harvested enough prime Russets to reach the moon and back over 25 times. © 2010 Nuto Farms • Rice Lake, WI • All rights reserved